I went today for a trial class. I was apprehensive thinking it would be too hard being that I am really new to working out regularly. But everyone was so friendly and encouraging and helpful. Its a go at your pace type of place which is awesome. I am glad I checked it out and I look forward to going again.

Julie Archuleta

I just signed up this week and LOVE it.... I needed something to push me and this is it. The three different trainers I’ve had so far are all amazing and helpful. It’s great when you are so involved with working out and never once look at the clock to see what time it is. Great place, great equipment to and I’m super stoked...

Shawna Carnation-Braziel

Amazing program! Super positive and supportive coaches, and the members are like family. I couldn't ask for a better fit fam

Kim Chee

Absolutely LOVE Hitt Factory! It’s intense and you build muscle and burn fat with some of the most awesome trainers I’ve ever had!!

Alyssa Zinsman

I love this place! The HITT Factory offers a top-notch workout program that combines weight training, boxing, kickboxing, and cardio (such as spinning, rowing and running) all within one workout, circuit-style. I am physically drained after each one! The great knowledgeable and motivating coaches make it all that much more enjoyable. I would recommend the HITT Factory to anyone - all ages and fitness levels. Keep doing what you’re doing because it works. HITT it!!!

Ryan Meagher

Great location! Equipment is amazing and so are our coaches. I joined the Hitt family 6 months ago to date in Pleasanton and that was the best decision ever. I have gotten stronger and definitely leaned out too. I still have goals but I know I will meet them here. The combination of weights and cardio is perfect. I highly recommend checking Hitt out! I have tried other places but they dont compare to Hitt Factory. If you truly want results look no further.

Lisa Marie Gonzalez

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